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SJ Tucker prepares to release her new album, Wonders

Excitement is filling the air as we get closer and closer to the Women of Wisdom conference and SJ Tucker’s CD release concert that will take place at the WOW conference. SJ Tucker’s music has been highly popular with the Pagan community nationwide since she was with her first band, Skinny White Chick, and recorded The Nathan Session in 2001. There was always something about her musical taste and creative lyrics that appealed to the Pagan community and other likeminded individuals. This Examiner was first introduced to SJ Tucker’s at the 2002 Pagan Pride Day event in Sacramento California by a group who was attending the event from Oregon. What seems like only a few years later nearly the entire Pagan community nationwide knows and loves SJ Tucker making her CD release concert a very exciting event.

The new album is called Wonders and is everything that you would expect from SJ Tucker and the musicians that help her create an eclectic and whimsical sound. When listening to SJ’s music for the first time most people instantly hear her music being inspired by folk rock music but have a hard time describing exactly what type of music she plays. It’s an interesting fact that her music is highly eclectic and you never know what you’re going to hear aside from mind blowing musical talents. At the CD release concert on February 15, 2014 during the Women of Wisdom conference SJ Tucker will be joined several other amazing musicians and performers that will leave you feeling pleasantly shocked by their talents.

This concert is set up in such a way that you will leave with a full and open heart and mind, a spring in your step and some fantastic music that will stay with you for a life time. The show is scheduled to open with the musical talents of Nicole Sangsuree and will be followed by SJ Tucker who is accompanied by Betsy Tinney who’s debut album, Release the Cello, was released on January 11, 2014. Betsy Tinney is another amazing performer who’s cello and talent will blow your mind. You will not want to miss this concert.

Women of Wisdom Conference
SJ Tucker CD Release Concert
Saturday, February 15, 2013
7:30 p.m.
North Seattle Community College
(men are welcome)

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