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‘Sizzurp’ mania? Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber spotlight deathly drug

The latest Hollywood drug of choice “Sizzurp” might be getting way too much attention. Health professionals and parents are worried about children and teens experimenting with the purple drink that could be a deadly drub. According to CBS local on Friday, there is a big concern that the consistent focus of this drug being used by Hollywood stars is encouraging youngsters to make their own mixture and drink it.

Sizzurp is a liquid mixture that usually contains jolly rancher candy, soda, and prescription-strength cough syrup. The strongest versions of the drink contain codeine and hydrocodone. What makes the drink very worrisome is that mixed with drugs or alcohol it could slow down breathing and be a fatal dose. Another concern is that there is no particular recipe and too many people are adding ingredients making the cocktail deadly.

According the Celebrity Café, Hollywood has Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber to thank for making the Sizzurp so popular. The stars have made it publicly known what their cocktail of choice is and fans have followed their lead.

Obviously very impressionable, fans too as people are getting gravely ill over the substance.
Medical personal suggest that parents don’t take chances with Sizzurp. If you think your child is under the influence get help immediately.

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