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Sizzurp: Lil Wayne's mom made him stop using it, other moms need to do the same

Sizzurp is a drug made by combining soda, candy and prescription cough syrup that superstar rapper Lil Wayne used to abuse until his doctor advised his mother to make him stop, according to the "Today" show on Jan. 23. And in an interview the singer did with Katie Couric late last year he admitted that his doctor didn't think he would listen to anyone else.

Now authorities are hoping that children taking the dangerous drug will listen to any adult or peer who warns them not to use this drug concoction to get high, as it can lead to seizures and make your child stop breathing.

Purple drank, syrup, and lean are but a few of the names used to glamorize the mixture of cold medicine, Jolly Ranchers and soft drinks sung about on the music videos of rappers. And the Internet is populated with people talking about doing the drug and how to mix it up. So unsuspecting youth may think it is harmless, since it tastes sweet and has pretty bright colors in it, and it contains the same cold medicine their mothers might give them when they are sick.

Lil Wayne enjoyed using sizzurp until he was made to realize that the drug may not be illegal in its three separate forms (cold medicine, soda, and candy), but the combination can be deadly nonetheless. And just because components of a "get high" fix aren't illegal to possess doesn't make them harmless when combined.

A recent parental warning was issued to parents of teens regarding snorting Smarties this week too, which are candies bought over the counter by many youth. But if the children who cut them up actually try to snort them up their nose--like users of cocaine, for example--then nasal complications can result, as one might expect.

If you know someone using sizzurp or snorting Smarties and can't get them to listen to you, tell someone they will listen to, like their mother, as it worked for the rapper Lil Wayne, and he's one of the biggest known users of the cough syrup concoction known at this point.

Atlanta Top News Examiner Radell Smith has a degree in criminal justice and behavioral forensics. And she hopes parents lock up the cold medicine if they need to in order to prevent their kids from making this drug concoction.

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