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Sizzling suspense novels to read this summer

Suspense novels almost beg to be read while on summer vacation. There's nothing like a well-written whodunit to keep one turning pages long after the sun has gone or the story a strange but kindly neighbor who seems to engage in cryptic activities to make one question what their own neighbors are really up to. The following new releases are sure to add plenty of suspense and mystery to any summer reading list.

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"Sky Zone" by Creston Mapes, published by David C. Cook (June 1, 2014): This third book in the Crittendon Files series finds Jack staying home to take care of the home since he's been out of work as a reporter for months and wife Pamela heading back to work full time even though she is eight months pregnant. Jack has managed to land a part-time job at Festival Arena with his friend, but the financial strain has everyone's coping mechanisms wearing thin. While working a rally for a controversial presidential candidate, Jack and his friend Brian realize that not only may they be responsible for their own lives, but the lives of thousands of others as well.

"Sidetracked" by Brandilyn Collins, published by Christian Writers Guild (May 1, 2014): This newest release from the author of Seatbelt Suspense will please fans and win new ones. Delanie Miller is sure her life of lies is safe now that she has moved to the quiet little town of Redbud, Kentucky. But when her friend Clara is murdered and Billy, a simple-minded young man is accused, the safety she has built for herself may be at risk. Does she speak out, knowing Billy is innocent or does she keep silent to protect herself from the past she thought was long forgotten?

"Persecuted: I Will Not Be Silent" by Robin Parrish and Daniel Lusko, published by Bethany House Publishers (May 6, 2014): Imagine that the government has decided to create a new religious-equality bill and the most influential Christian speaker of the day refuses to give it his endorsement. Would those in power simply seek other religious leaders' seal of approval or would they try to do all they could to destroy those that didn't agree? Is control and suppression of truth really masquerading as religious freedom?

"Godless" by Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner, published by FaithWords (May 6, 2014): In this third and final book in a series that includes "Fatherless" and "Childless," three people's lives will become enmeshed with each other as they seek to solve their seemingly-impossible circumstances. Julia Davidson is once again suffering from nightmares in which she sees faces she doesn't recognize, but none the less feels responsible for. Matthew Adams is finally feeling like he is back on track, but will a mysterious woman be able to help him get out of his dreadful financial situation without causing him to lose his sanity? Pastor Alex Ware is finally realizing that some of the members of his church don't like the way he condemns their ideas for bringing much-needed money into the church coffers.

"Silenced" by Dani Pettrey, published by Bethany House Publishers (May 6, 2014): It started as day of rock climbing and relaxation, but when Kayden McKenna stumbles onto the body of a dead rock climber, everything changes. With the sheriff and his department already stretched to their limits, Jake Westin is handed the case. But as Kayden and Jake work together to figure out exactly what happened, they soon discover the climber's death was no accident. Unfortunately, it seems that Jake and Kayden's lives may be in danger, too.

Each of these mysterious and suspenseful new releases can be purchased from the publisher or from neighborhood, independent booksellers.

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