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Sizzling sultry eyes for holiday glam

Ready are not the holidays are here and makeup artists can attest to the phone calls we are still getting. "Please help, I have a business party or a high profile event. I know you maybe booked but can you squeeze me in or do you have any cancellations." No need to fuss or go at it alone, here are a few simple tips that can help you pull off your sizzling and sultry eyes along with flawless makeup application. Whether it is an uncomplicated smokey eye using drama and glitz to matte colors that are vibrant and appealing, we've put a collection of step-by-step videos to rescue you while sprucing your style, adding top-notch flare, and making you be the talk of the party - in a good way. Jennifer Lopez is known for her glow and absolutely flawless makeup. Scott Barnes, noted celebrity makeup artist is the man behind the scenes that has made J. Lo glow. Scott is known for his Bling Lotion. This is an item that can compliment your look throughout the holidays. Especially with those dresses that reveal our arms, décolletage, chest areas. His expertise and enhancing makeup style will allow you to create an uncomplicated smokey eye, while adding dramatic blitz and bling that will produce sizzling hot reviews. Scott Barnes the host of Scott BarnesTV will help you create a smudge eyeliner too and uncomplicated yet dramatic smokey eye:

Okay ladies, we could only bring you a preview of celebrated celebrity artist, Sam Fine's eye makeup. Not to worry regarding an appointment with one of the most sought after makeup artist. He has created a step-by-step DVD that can be purchased and used beyond the holidays: The Basics of Beauty Makeup. He uses three women of color yet the concept regarding placement and creating a look is universal.

Marlena of MakeupGeekTV brings down the house with her matte colors. Not to worry if you do not have the expensive brands, she is so kind to list inexpensive alternatives so you still pull off your glamorous look without spending mucho dinero and also without the overkill of glitter and blitz.

Yes, we are bringing you Emily Noel. She is a TV Anchor/Reporter. Emily shows us how to create the outer "V" look that can be scaled down or intensified. This is a functional look you can adjust according to where you are going, what function, or just looking good as you entertain friends and family at your home or family events.

Oh my... we cannot leave out the man whom Iman, highly regarded and respected international model icon, hand selected to be a contributor to her top selling book The Beauty of Color. The Ultimate Beauty Guide For Skin of Color. Here you can watch how Lazarus the Makeup Man brings a smokey sexy eye to life with lilacs and purple palletes that will mesmerize glam pros and critics. You will be sure to captivate an audience with this look.

We have placed in your arsenal some great how-to-videos, we are confident that your sizzling looks will WOW your family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Happy Holidays. You are officially ready!


  • Noel Malone-Miskovsky 5 years ago

    Katrina Curry is the best of the best. JUst look at her, she is beautiful and takes care to hold herself to a high standard which translates into the client getting a fabulous look every time!

  • Katrina Currie, Beauty Examiner 5 years ago

    Thanks Noel. I appreciate it. I love helping people through makeup and skincare.

  • Denise 5 years ago

    Great Article ... Fabulous. I wish I would have stumbled on this article for the holidays. It is still a useful article and the added tutorials makes me feel like I was not left out there by myself. Kudos! Are you going to write more articles ongoing? Is this twice a month? Great Work!