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Size up your options

If you are still not quite sure if breast augmentation is right for you, take a test drive with a Natrelle pre-consultation kit designed to educate you about breast augmentation.  This kit affords you the opportunity to be able to try on different sizes in the privacy of your own home.  When I was a patient coordinator we used to tell our patients to go home and fill baggies with rice (with varying amounts) and place the baggies in their bra.  This would help simulate what a breast implant would look like as well as to help determine which size would be right.  The at home pre-consultation kit is a much more realistic option and helps to eliminate the guess work.
Natrelle offers this pre-consultation kit for $39.99 and it will help you to ask the doctor the right questions. 
Included in the kit are:

Elegant Sample Implants and a Profile Bra - Envision yourself with different breast sizes.

Educational DVD - take a personal look at
the experience of breast augmentation.  Two prominent
Plastic Surgeons share their before-and-after
pictures and take you through an actual

Educational Booklet - Understand the
topics you may want to cover during
your consultation.


Once you have chosen your doctor, the next step is the consultation.  The information in this kit will give you the confidence you need to communicate the desired look you hope to achieve.  Dr. Hester of Paces Plastic Surgery Center in Buckhead is known to do beautiful implants.

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