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Size Matters

Size Matters!

One of the simple facts about keeping your weight off is by monitoring your calorie intake. One of the ways of keeping your calorie intake in check is by keeping you portion size in check. Over the years, size portions given by restaurants have increased in size. According to a 2007 paper published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, portion sizes offered by fast food chains are two to five times larger than when first introduced. When McDonald’s first started in 1955, its only hamburger weighed around 1.6 ounces; now, the largest hamburger patty weighs 8 ounces, an increase of 500 percent. And while a Big Mac used to be considered big, it’s on the smaller side of many burger options. At Burger King, you can get the Triple Whopper; at Ruby Tuesday’s there’s the Colossal Burger; and Carl’s Junior has the Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger. These portion comparisons, adapted from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI) Portion Distortion Quiz, give a visual representation of what sizes used to be compared to what they are today.If you duplicate the same size at home, your portion sizes will be out of control.

Portion sizes have been recommended by the …..
The correction portions are:

  • fruits and vegetables - half your plate. While losing weight, watch your intake of bananas. Keep you intake to a medium size banana or half of a larger banana. This fruit is high in sugar. That is why they taste so good!
  • meat- quarter of your plate. These meats should be lean cuts of red meat, chicken or fish.
  • starch - quarter of your plate. Stay away from the white stuff. Think brown rice and whole grains.

When you serve your meals at home, make sure you follow these simple guidelines and it should help you in keeping a healthy waistline as long as you don't smother your 4 oz of meat with a fatty sauce like bernaise or cover your asparagus in hollandaise.

Happy portioning.