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Sixty-one Shetland Sheepdogs, homeless after Riverside fire, ready for adoption

Sixty-one Shetland Sheepdogs homeless after fire in Riverside County. 	127262 - ID#A1127262
Sixty-one Shetland Sheepdogs homeless after fire in Riverside County. 127262 - ID#A1127262
Riverside Animal Control.

What was apparently an illegal dog kennel located in Riverside, CA at a single-family home was gutted by fire on Saturday, displacing three people and 61 Shetland Sheepdog and/or mixes.

Twenty-seven firefighters responded to the fire in the 16400 block of Pick Place. The fire had begun in the attic of the house. Riverside only allows four dogs per residence unless there is a kennel permit. It doesn't seem that this particular residence had a permit and it is unclear if the owner will be cited for having too many animals on the property. Authorities would not confirm or deny the existence of a kennel permit, however, they did confirm they were aware of this property and had previous contact.

All the dogs were turned over to the Riverside County Animal shelter by their owner. The owner did express the desire to retrieve four of those dogs. The dogs are in good health and have no apparent behavioral problems. On the Riverside Animal Shelter adoption pages, the Shelties begin at A1127211 through A1127267 (page 16-21).

People interested in adopting any of the dogs must visit the Riverside County Animal Services facility at 5851 Van Buren Blvd., Jurupa Valley. Adopters must apply in person. Some of the animals may be transferred to various local rescue groups.

The adoption fee for dogs is $105, which includes the animal's spay/neuter surgery, a microchip and vaccinations. It is state law to have a dog license. The dog owner is required to purchase a dog license (a dog license for residents in Riverside and unincorporated Riverside County areas is $16).

Shetland Sheepdogs, or shelties, are not miniature collies. They are a separate breed. Their average lifespan is 12-13 years. They come in a wider color range than collies: sable and white, tri-color, blue merle, black, bi-black and bi-blue merle. Brindling is cause for disqualification. At the shoulder, their average 13-16 inches. They are a herding dog originally from Scotland and are related to collies.

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