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Six year old dies from injury at a Howard Johnson Hotel; others wounded

Cause of death still unknown for 6 year old girl found at Howard Johnson Hotel in Scarborough
Cause of death still unknown for 6 year old girl found at Howard Johnson Hotel in Scarborough
Getty Images / Spring Lee

The six year old girl found dead in a Scarborough Howard Johnson Inn & Suites on Metropolitan Rd., near Warden Ave. and Hwy. 401 underwent a postmortem exam and the cause of death is still unknown.

The child who has yet to be named was considered by friends and family to be “bright” and “boisterous.” She loved kindergarten, and was "full of life."

She, her brother and her father were transported by ambulance Monday night from their Scarborough hotel room. The six-year-old girl is was pronounced dead a short time later.

A call came from a Cass Ave. home around 4 p.m. leading investigators to the Scarborough Howard Johnson Hotel room. The family was identified by neighbors, but the relationships between the victims had yet been established. The homicide unit is looking into the case.

Injuries to the victims have not been released.

What is known is that the little girl was in “obvious distress” when paramedics arrived on the scene, and she died at the hospital.

Her father and her brother were also taken to the hospital. Oddly, their home was only around a little over a mile from the hotel room that they were found in.

Const. Wendy Drummond released a statement saying that, "the examination could not determine a cause of death at this time, and a toxicology test will be the next step.”

A neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous said, "the girls’ parents, Jason and Cheryl Adotey, lived at the home with their four children, including Evangeline’s older brother and infant twins." She went on to describe the Adoteys as a “happy, hunky-dory family.”

Norm Wasserman, a 6 year neighbor said, “I’m very, very shocked; We have no problems here whatsoever.” He then stated that he witnessed police at the residence 3 weeks earlier but thought nothing of it.

There were more than 80 residents at the hotel the night of the incident, some who had been there up to 4 months, and no one else showed any signs of injury or distress.

More details will be released as the authorities find out more through their ongoing investigations.

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