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Six winter themed books to accompany activities

Winter themed books
Winter themed books
syreeta springer

Right about now little ones in preschool classrooms (at least in the Northeast) are exploring and learning about everything connected to winter. More than likely teachers are perusing sites in order to find great activities to conduct with children and further extend their learning about the season. Popular sites such as TeachPreschool, PreKinders, and Pinterest are great ways to get started about finding activities under the winter umbrella such as, snowflakes, snow and ice, mittens, or winter clothes. In any event, one way to support the activities and also to gain information is to read books. So below, please find six books that make for good winter reading. More so on a cold, snowy winter's night.

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow by Shirley Neitzel- Great book for sequencing. Has pictures so children can read along by labeling them. Also, great for teaching names of winter clothing items.

Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara--- Wonderful pictures all done in blue and white. Really good for introducing some new winter vocabulary such as frost.

The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg--- Lovely story about a child that goes on a quest for finding their missing mitten only to find it in a most unusual spot.

Tracks In The Snow by Wong Herbert Yee--- The main character goes on a quest to figure out who or what has left tracks in the snow. Children can look at the different tracks to determine who they were made from.

It's Winter by Linda Glaser--- Great book to begin exploring the many aspects of winter. The book also offers fantastic nature activities to do during winter.

Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone--- A classic tale by Galdone (who is author of many famed classic tales). Children will love this rhyming text. Bright, colorful pictures can be used to reinforce color. For an added activity, paint with mittens (therefore soiling them), wash them and hang them to dry. Just like in the story!!

So get to it and make a trip to your local Newark library to pick up the books! Or better yet reserve them online! Happy Reading!

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