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Six weeks to looking younger

Being True Purifying Mask
Being True Purifying Mask

Being True Cosmetics

Clinical results are a must. Simple claims of younger skin and a brighter complexions just won't do anymore. Current awareness has led the skincare industry through a whirl wind of new technology to bring you the best treatments for healthier and younger looking skin.

 BeingTRUE® is a piece of the puzzle that redefines the beauty industry from within. Stemming from the Spa Industry, BeingTRUE®  has pioneered many innovations and brings you an assortment of restorative and therapeutic products that give the feeling of "being at the spa" in your own home.

With ingredients like Licorice Root to brighten skin, clinical studies show the Anti-Aging Collection delivers a 92% overall improvement in skin after 6 weeks of use. Eye shadows bring out the best of your eyes with out falling into the creases. From cleansing to decorating your face and body, BeingTRUE® surpasses the rest with a product for everything and for men and women alike from 16-60.

Purifying Collection

A collection dedicated to fight acne and blemishes with Tea Tree and Mint minus the nasty  task of stripping skin of moisture. By using proven botanicals such as Cyathea Medullaris Extract to destroy blemish-causing bacteria and exfoliate correctly , problem-prone skin or even men with ingrown hairs (caused by shaving) will benefit without the redness that often follows from "other" harsher products. The Purifying Collection includes a weekly therapeutic mask, anti-bacterial cleanser, therapeutic hydrator, and a blemish treatment.

Harmonizing Collection

Oil prone skin beware! This group uses Lavender Essential Oil and antioxidants to bring an uber-clean and less shiny complexion to all. The Harmonizing Collection offers a weekly oil control mask, oil control hydrator, and gel cleanser.

Balancing Collection

Keep combination skin refreshed and balanced with this group that repairs as well, with Rosewood Essential Oil. This group is wonderful for the T-zone or for the summer months. Balancing collection includes a cleansing emulsion, weightless moisturizer, and an antioxidant mask.

Protective Collection

This parade of  advanced color cosmetic goodies not only protect skin with SPF 17, but they also offer anit-aging benefits. They are non irritating and perfect for those prone to blemishes. Included are shadow primer, primer brush, illuminating concealer, concealer brush, transforming skin-tint, foundation brush, protective mineral foundation power or compact(SPF17), BeingTRUE® powder brush, mineral foundation brush, transforming mineral mist, and a finishing sponge.

*idebenone Anti-Aging collection

All products from this group containing the powerful antioxidant, Idebennone (a bio-engineered from of Co-Enzyme Q10), the first and only super antioxidant to work as both a potent antioxidant and a skin brightener in one. After six weeks, this collection brings a reduction in fine line, wrinkles, age spots, and pushes forward brighter skin tone. The Anti-Aging collection includes advanced treatment cleanser, i-lift eye contour concentrate, youth revealing complex, and radiance revealing complex.

Restoring Collection

This collection is a great at-home spa treatment. Weather your fighting the cold or other extreme weather, this group plumps up the dermis with Neroli Essential oil while delivering peaceful aromas. It includes a deep cleanser, restoring rich cream, aromatic treatment oil, and a moisture mask.

Essential Collection

This group offers many types of products that are common to skin care for every skin type, only they are less harsh on your skin by using Chamomile for its strengthening and soothing effect. A long roster of essential skin care includes SPF 30 gel, gentle eye makeup remover, anti-fatigue eye contour gel, moisture eye contour cream, soothing skin tonic, radiance skin polish, clarifying tonic, pore and complexion refiner, moisture enhancer, and firming tech cream.

Body Collection

Last, but certainly not least, the body collection rejuvenates the body and mind. Revive your senses and turn your shower into an oasis with aroma shower gel, active body peel, moisture + repair anti-aging body cream, moisture + repair refining body scrub, moisture + repair restoring hand cream, and moisture + repair sheer oil spray.

A brand with no artificial color, artificial fragrance, or harsh surfactants, your new regimen just may be in one of the groups above. Visit for pruchasing and view a complete description on each product. Also be sure to check out Glossglamzenfly next week for BeingTRUE® reviews! If your headed up North to the Meredith Hills area of NH, stop by the spa at Mill Falls a quaint home to BeingTRUE® product treatments

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  • Michelle 5 years ago

    This looks like a really special line of products.

  • Corrine 5 years ago

    I use Being True! Its an astonishing line that has changed my skin for the better.