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Six ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with cocktails

Roses are romantic, but some of us prefer a good cocktail.
Roses are romantic, but some of us prefer a good cocktail.
Wong Mei Teng

It’s that time of year again – another Valentine’s Day staring us in the face. Restaurants everywhere will be packed with couples indulging in romantic meals, hearts and flowers. Chocolate, wine and champagne will abound.

But what if your idea of a romantic evening includes a quiet dinner at home with no one to watch as you make goo goo eyes and play footsie under the table? If that’s the case, then you need one of these romantic cocktails on the evening menu.

The Valentini cocktail – currant vodka, raspberry liqueur and fresh lime juice combine the champagne to make a cocktail that’s just sweet enough. Make a pitcher at the beginning of the evening, and you won’t need to interrupt the mood to mix another drink.

Champagne Dreams – Looking for a delicious cocktail that won’t knock you off your feet? You’ve come to the right place with Champagne Dreams. Pomegranate and orange liqueurs combined with fresh orange juice and sparkling wine are both pretty and festive. While you’re here, check out the recipes for the PAMA Mimosa and the Blushing Lady.

Chambord Cheesecake Martini – For some of us, cheesecake is absolutely irresistible. If that’s the case with your Valentine, take a look at the Chambord Cheesecake Martini. Vanilla vodka, Chambord and cream are combination so luscious, it’s practically a dessert in a glass.

Chocolate Covered Cherry – Love them or hate them, chocolate covered cherries are candy classic. If they’re the way to your Valentine’s heart, you have a multitude of recipe options. TheBeerLady has rounded up for them, including what may be the world’s easiest chocolate covered cherry cocktail.

Wedding Cake Martini – Valentine’s Day is always a popular day for popping the question. If that’s the theme for your Valentine’s celebration, a Wedding Cake Martini may be just the thing. TheBeerLady has two options for your consideration.

Anti-Valentine cocktails – Hearts, flowers and romance are all well and good, but they’re also a bit wearing if you’re not spending your evening with your sweetie. If you’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day, there’s no reason that you can’t have a wonderful evening, complete with special cocktails. Just for you, we have Valentine’s Day on the rocks, love stinks, and the Casablanca. Pick up your favorite carryout and enjoy a movie that remind you why it’s good to be single, like Fatal Attraction.

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