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Six Toronto females missing, no foul play suspected

On May 26 and May 27, 2014, Toronto Police Service issued six media releases concerning the disappearance of four women and two teen girls. While police see no connection between those reported missing and no evidence they became victims of crime, some members of the public have become concerned.

Emily Clancey, 17
Toronto Police Service

Gemima Oldfield, 55, was last seen around 9 p.m. on Saturday, May 24 in the Yonge Street and Dundas Street area of downtown. She is described as a heavy set white woman, 5’6” tall and when last seen, she was wearing pants with silver sequins and white sandals.

Emily Clancey, 17, was last seen on May 26 in the city’s west end near Ossington Avenue and Queen Street West. She is described as white, 5’8” tall and weighing 160 pounds. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes and when last seen, she was wearing a blue jean jacket, black leggings and a black tank top.

Marina Doulis, 15, went missing at the same time and location as Clancey. Doulis is described as white, 5’5”, 120 pounds and also has long blonde hair and blue eyes. When last seen, she was wearing a blue jean jacket, green dress, and black leggings.

Natasha McGregor, 38, was last seen on May 26 in downtown Toronto near Pembroke Street and Dundas Street East. She is described as white, 5’5” tall and weighing 150 pounds. She has brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes.

Carolyn Earp, 28, was last seen on May 26 at Queen Street East and Bond Street, not far from where McGregor was last seen. Earp is described as white, 5’2” 120 pounds with a thin build. When last seen she was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with an animal print and black pants. She has brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair.

Zhou Lou, 40, was last seen on May 27 in the same general area where Clancy and Doulis were last seen. She is described as Asian, 5’0” with a thin build. She has brown hair that was tied in a bun. When last seen, she was wearing white running shoes, dark pants and a grey shirt.

According to police, they have received several calls asking if there are mass abductions taking place. Const. Victor Kwong says”no” and police have no evidence of foul play in any of the disappearances. But the fact so many releases of missing women and girls were issued in such a short period of time, led to concern. A Twitter hashtag, #torontowomen, has been started. Kwong also said it is not unusual for many pepole to go missing in the city.

Police are concerned about the safety of the missing girls and women. Anyone with any information is asked to contact police at 416-808-1400 or Crime Stoppers.

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