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Six tips for luxury travel without the luxury price tag

Six tips for luxury travel without the luxury price tag
Six tips for luxury travel without the luxury price tag
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

We are in the throws of the holiday travel season and each of us wants our precious vacation time to be one that is spent in a bit of luxury without the “luxurious” price tag. However, many travelers don’t realize when and where they can truly save. It is possible to enjoy a bit of extravagance, you simply need to know what’s worth your dollar and when to pass.

Sign Up For Mailing Lists - Before you set your travel plans in stone, sign up to mailing lists and stay connected with social media. By signing up to a mailing list, you’ll be privy to discounts. Perhaps this may be a bit of a nuisance and if you’re big into social media, check out a company’s Facebook page. Almost every company (large or small) that’s in the hospitality business will have a Facebook page and this is where they’ll “advertise” current or upcoming discounts.

Timing Is Everything – Be smart with what days you travel. Traveling on a weekday will be cheaper and less crowded. If you happen to be a frequent flyer, check those frequent flyer miles and you could get bumped to first class. Be smart about what you pack. Rest assured you will not wear more than two pairs of shoes, so pack wisely and perhaps you if you can survive with a carry-on, you’ll avoid paying a check-in fee.

Get Off The Beaten Track – The world is full of beautiful and luxurious places. Think about vacationing at an “up and coming” country. If you have your heart set on visiting a popular destination, then visit during the off-season. Countries like Greece or Spain, for example, are more affordable during fall and spring and yet still have fabulous weather.

Poshtel Backpacking – Fairly new to the travel market “poshtels” are a combination of the traditional hostel, but with a finer appeal. For a place to stay while you’re traveling abroad, the poshtel offers affordability without skimping on creature comforts.

Glamping – Who wants to go camping for a luxury vacation right? Venturing out into the great outdoors might not sound luxurious but the thought of Glamorous Camping might be. Invest in a upper scale tent -- you’ll use it for years so it’s worth it -- and enjoy the beautiful national parks and forests in style.

Dining Out – For almost any vacation, dining out will be one of the largest expenses of the trip. If you’re looking to enjoy a fine meal, opt to go with a lunch menu. Also, stay away from the tourist traps. Any restaurant on the main street of a tourist district is going to charge more. You can venture a few blocks away and find a fabulous dining experience without breaking the bank.