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Six steps to making a polite and well-mannered dog, that everyone loves!



 Please, listen to me.                                                                          

Dog Tales

These simple steps all involve learning how to focus your canine’s attention on you, and you alone. If Jasmine learns to focus on you, she will learn that the source of everything good comes from you and she will in turn, lavish her love and attention on you. Believe it or not, this is not obedience training, it is simply teaching your fur friend respect and manners.

Remember, your friend does not understand your very confusing language, so use these steps to teach her some of it.

You don’t believe it is important to teach your canine good manners? Did you teach your children basic manners? Is Jasmine part of your family? Do manners in your dog really matter?

You need to show your friend that everything good that happens to her, comes from you, and doesn’t just magically appear, or happen when she wants it.

The following steps are a language class that will teach her to be patient, calm, and well mannered.

Step 1-The very first thing to teach her, is very simple. She must wait patiently at the door if she wants to go out. Even if she is a very young puppy, and it is imperative, to you, that she go outside. She must wait, every time. She will very soon wait, without being asked. She must concentrate on you, because she can’t have what she wants, until you allow her to have it.

Step 2- Food is almost always the very most important thing, to any canine, regardless of the breed. It is a very good thing that should be given by you, not just something that is taken for granted and available at will. Of course Jasmine wants her food. It makes her very happy. You want to make her happy! You should be the object of her happiness, because you are the one who grants her that most treasured of all good things!

Step 3- Now, we must go outside and Jasmine must learn that her attention should still always be focused on you, not the mailman “Max, “Chippy” the squirrel, “Felix” the cat, or “Josh” on his skateboard. She must learn to be led by you, not pulling you into the next state.

Step 5- The next step will teach her to concentrate on you even more intently. As soon as you have her undivided attention, she will hopefully look at you directly in the eyes. You will most likely gain her compliance, in anything you wish.                                                                           

Step 6- This is a special trick that works with your canine, or even your unruly child. Whispering, very softly, will make them work harder to listen, comply, and honor the wishes that please you. Always remember to praise and reward when your quiet requests are followed.

Now, your canine fur child should understand the basics of your language, and with positive re-enforcement, she will seek your love and attention. I can promise, she will return it a hundred times over.

Now that she understands your language, if you haven’t yet learned hers, then learn the basics of understanding how she thinks, and sees the world.

Any questions about teaching your canine language class, or understanding her language, please respond in comments, or email me at If you are not already, you can learn to become bilingual.