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Six soothing sunburn remedies


Photo by Lorene Coe

The hot Summer sun means enjoying time outdoors at the lake, a park, in the mountains, going to the coast, or even the backyard. Along with the fun comes increased exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation which can sometimes result in painful sunburn. The risk of skin cancer is also increased with too much exposure to the sun.

For after-sun relief, here are the six most soothing sunburn remedies:

Aloe Vera Gel - The juice or gel is very cooling. It is most effective taken directly from the plant. Cut off a leaf and apply the milky substance to the sunburned

Cider Vinegar is a disinfectant, reduces pain and helps prevent blistering and peeling. It is used best as a cooling compress for a large sunburned area. Saturate a cloth in undiluted vinegar and apply to the reddened parts of the skin. It can also be used on a cottonball by dabbing it onto the sunburn.

Cucumber has astringent properties and is very soothing. Simply use thin slices of fresh cucumber and gently pat it on the sunburn.

Lavender – To keep the skin hydrated and help prevent peeling spray pure lavender water on the affected area. Lavender essential oil is also useful. Add 2 or 3 drops to a carrier oil such as avacado or sweet almond, and massage on the affected area. The essential oil can also be used as a spray. Mix 10 drops with 4 ounces of water in a spritzer

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic. Apply the oil to the affected area with a cotton ball. Make sure to avoid the eyes. It can also be used as a spritzer by adding 10 drops to 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle.

Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps stabilize the PH balance of the skin thus reducing inflamation and irritation caused by sunburn. Use plain yogurt as a cool moisturizer by gently applying a small amount onto the affected area and leave on until the cooling action stops.

Please note: See your physician if you experience chills, fever, or get blisters or a rash, as you may have sun poisoning.

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