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Six Small Business Tech Trends to Adopt In 2014

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A recent Bank of America report predicts a big future for small business this year. A huge contributor to this anticipated success: the never-ending advancement and accessibility of technology. Here are the top six tech best practices to consider adopting in 2014:

Leverage the Cloud
Cloud apps are inexpensive, easy-to-use on multiple devices from virtually anywhere, and can help companies that aren’t necessarily tech savvy solve the social media conundrum. Social media can be a real driver of sales, so it’s worth spending some time to engage in this rapidly growing community.

Get on the Wi-Fi Bandwagon
As consumers become more dependent on Internet access on the go, Wi-Fi is pivotal. Providing patrons with on-site Internet access makes life easier for your customer, and that’s just good business sense.

Up That Digital Security
As serious natural disasters and seemingly serious disasters (like a double latte on the keyboard) threaten technology security, a contingency plan is critical. The cloud makes file and data protection easier because it can simply, cost-effectively and safely be stored in the digital space.

Put TV Time to Work
TV access creates a happy and informed workspace. In 2014, for example, patrons and employees can stay up to date on news coverage, college bowl games and the Olympic games, in more lobbies, waiting rooms and offices than ever before. Consider adding TVs to break rooms, waiting rooms, even elevators to entertain and educate everyone on the latest breaking news.

Increase Internet Bandwidth and Speed
The proliferation of tablets, iPhones, and iPads means more people are on Wi-Fi, watching videos and using cloud apps than ever before. In anticipation of these significant spikes in Internet usage and traffic, companies should proactively add extra bandwidth and speed.

If knowledge is power, then technology is the portal for small businesses in 2014. Whether your business has utilized a cloud app for years or it’s time to finally take the Wi-Fi plunge, everyone can buff up their technology efforts in 2014 with a cost-effective move that has the potential for big pay-offs.