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Reaction of singles meeting for first time at altar on 'Married at First Sight'

On Thursday, The Washington Post summarized what happened on Tuesday's night reality series “Married at First Sight.” Three brides and grooms legally wed without ever having met before. The six individuals came from a pool of singles who filled out forms and met four matchmakers: a psychologist, a sociologist, a chaplain, a sexologist. In the screening process, the singles listed deal breakers like body odor and face tattoo.

The couples wed back in March, but they could not speak openly about what happened until the show aired. They have been only two episodes so far. During that time, we saw that the couple did marry at the altar even though one was reluctant to do so. Doug was matched with Jamie, but Jamie said her first impression of Doug was,“I just happen to be not attracted to the guy.” However, she went through with the wedding anyway stating that she was just going through the motions and doing what she had to do to be done with it. The New York Post also reported on how Jamie was freaking out at the altar and admitted she was not immediately attracted to her Doug, worrying that she had made the worst decision of her life. Watch the video above to see Jamie's reaction at the altar. It would be a surprise if this couple stays together. Jamie can't hide not being attracted to Doug. However, he is being as nice to him as he can be.

Cortney and Jason seem to be the couple that is the best fit. It seems to be more chemistry between the two of them than with the others. Cortney's Instagram picture shows her kissing Jason at their wedding. She and Jason were the only couple to actually kiss on their wedding day. At that moment the audience gave their approval. The other couples did share a kiss on the lips like these two. The two kissed a lot during the reception, laughed, danced and had a good time. Cortney has been putting clues on her Facebook page indicating that they are getting along.

Monet and Vaughn, the only black couple on the show, have been tweeting and posting pictures of their wedding, but it is hard to determine if they are doing well enough to stay married. They are harder to read then the other couples. It is hard to predict if this couple will stay together. When they met at the altar, Vaughn said he could tell Monet was nervous and was on the verge of passing out. Monet admitted the first impression was terrible. They seemed to have had to force intimacy at the reception and during the photo session.

"Married at First Sight" airs on Tuesday nights on FYI network. Three couples are now married and the rest of the season will show if they can make it work or not. If you missed the "I Do's" at the altar, watch the complete episode on Hulu.

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