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Six signs your need to take action protect and love your liver

Weighing in at three pounds the liver is important to your life, anyone who has a friend or relative with liver disease already knows this. A liver enzyme test is a routine test to have done during a routine yearly physical to check the health of your liver, in the meantime there are body signs that prove invaluable in telling you that there may be trouble afoot.

Red nose, skin rashes, pot belly, and red palms are all symptoms of liver damage. If your skin seems abnormal especially on the face the first thing to look at is the liver.

Increased acne, acne could be caused by any number of ailments, and acne isn’t just for teen, adults can too suffer from the effects of acne. But the luteinizing hormone triggers sebaceous gland activity. If your liver is sluggish and on overload from sifting through the waste and toxins you implore up on your body the next place for that waste to come out is your skin. A well-adjusted liver can balance the hormone resulting in balanced skin.

Feeling ‘drunk’ or easily getting drunk, especially after you eat feeling light headed,now you are drunk on top of being drunk. The liver does not so easily break down the metabolite acetaldehyde. Baby boomers have the biggest demographic of problem drinkers rising 13.4-percent since 2005 and almost doubling in women. Unwinding n an already fatty liver is asking for trouble. Drinking more than 1.1 liter of beer, .44 liters of wine or .11 of spirits is what leads to a fatty liver (most common abnormal liver function associated with abdominal obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes 2) and increased liver weight. If severe it can lead to cirrhosis and even death.

Wound infection, a liver that is overloaded on toxins hinders skin and cell reproduction, it’s an important part of the human metabolism. A faulty liver is usually deficient in zinc, selenium-hepatitis, HIV, including thyroid disease and thyroid cancer, as well as many cancers), and vitamin A and so is the rest of the body.

Darkening of skin on face or hemochromatosis, it is usually inherited. What happens is the displaced iron gets stored somewhere else in the body and the closest place is the face. Iron can’t be broken down in the body to be eliminated. Excessive iron stored over the years can result in liver damage. It’s a silent disorder usually picked by the doctor in younger people through routine blood tests. The disorder is in its most treatable stages in the twenties and thirties when people complain of fatigue often, another sign. The dark face is most noticeable in men and women after menopausal age who have dark places on the face have some form of liver damage.

Spider palmar erythema, a red raised bump on the palm of your hand usually with some capillaries extending outward away from the raised red area. These also appear on the face, neck, and in rare instances around the navel.

See your physician or hepatologist immediately if you suspect you have any symptoms. Live disease is a serious matter and needs to be monitored continuously. There needs to be more awareness of liver damage and disease.

  • First thing when arising in the morning drink two glasses of water with fresh-squeezed lemon,
  • taking a good liver tonic rich in B vitamins, sulphur-rich amino acids and antioxidants is the best start to healing.
  • Laying off the vegetable oils and margarine.
  • Including fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals and drinking fresh fruit juices will heal and detox the liver. Remember you can freeze and store extra raw juice in the freezer.
  • The right oils, fish oils, flaxseed, and olive oil and the ones found in raw seeds and nuts.
  • Drink less alcohol start by going alcohol free one to two days a week.
  • Eat less, and eventually no processed carbohydrates-breads, pasta and rice converting them into real whole grain products will support a healthy liver eating plan.

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