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Six reasons to head into the dark at SIFF

Six reasons to go into the dark at SIFF
Six reasons to go into the dark at SIFF
Courtesy of SIFF

We've reached the midpoint of the 40th Seattle International Film Festival but there are still hundreds of films to light up the nine festival screens in the next 12 days. Not sure you want to sift through the 300 page catalog to make your choices for the week? I've got you covered! Here are six splendid reason to come into the dark during SIFF.

A Street in Palermo (Via Castellana Bandiera)
In two opposing cars on a narrow street, two stubborn women engage in a symbolic fight to the death, determined not to move the aside to let the other pass, in this delightfully theatrical powder keg of a film.

For Those in Peril
An atmospheric and dreamlike story of survivor’s guilt gone unchecked. Aaron, the sole survivor of a deadly wreck, is plagued by hazy recollections of the event and by his village’s cultural superstition and seafaring folklore.

In Order of Disappearance (Kraftidioten)
Ther hasn't been a darkyly comic and enjoyable thriller with this much blood spilled in a frigid landscape since the Coen Brothers' Fargo. Stellan Skarsgard plays a snowplow driver who will stop at nothing to bring his son's killers to justice.

Mood Indigo (L'écume des jours)
Michel Gondry’s surreal visual feast is the wildly imaginative tale of Colin, a posh Parisian bachelor who invents gadgets that delight his friends. But love eludes him until he meets Chloe (Audrey Tautou), whose strange medical condition—a flower grows inside her lungs—adds a bittersweet frisson to their true romance.

The Signal
Gorgeous visuals and mind-bending sci-fi anchor an enigmatic mood as a group of college students head into the desert in search of a powerful, mysterious computer hacker.

The Trip to Italy
The sequel to 2010’s largely improvised The Trip finds buddies Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on a driving tour through the Italian countryside, musing on life while indulging in scenic and gastronomic delights. (Capsule descriptions courtesy of SIFF)

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