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Six reasons to continue your job search over the holidays

I was at a jobs networking meeting the other day and some of the members were considering putting their job searches on hold over the holidays.  BIG mistake...

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to look for a job.

  • Holiday parties and family gatherings are a great opportunity to network.  Be sure to bring your business cards to those functions.  Resumes are easy to leave behind.
  • Lots of people put their job search on hold during the holidays so there is less competition. 
  • Hiring managers typically curtail their travel plans s they are easier to reach.
  • Take advantage of the holiday spirit.  People are generally friendlier during the holidays and are apt to be more helpful.
  • Get a jump on 2010: hiring managers know their 2010 business needs and hiring plans now so beat the rush.
  • Remember, lots of people will make finding a new job their New Year's resolution.  Be sure you are ahead of them.