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Six pound Yorkie dies after hit in head with stick by gas meter reader

Despite requested by the resident to wait while she put up her three dogs, an impatient meter reader with Southern California Gas Company didn't wait and when dogs circled behind him he hit six-pound Bean Bean in the head with a stick.
Cathy Rodriguez Facebook page

Bean Bean, a six pound Yorkie belonging to Cathy and Clem Rodriquez of Redlands, California died yesterday after being struck in the head with a stick by a gas meter reader who ignored the request of Cathy Rodriguez to wait until she put her three Yorkies up, according to an article posted today at the website.

Apparently the small Yorkie frightened the meter reader, who claimed to have already been bitten by three dogs that day according to the website.

The Press Enterprise reports that the incident occurred shortly before 2 pm yesterday when the meter reader showed up to read the gas meter at the home. Rodriguez was outside with her three dogs Bean-Bean, Daisy, and Ziggy, and asked him to wait while she put the dogs up.

Despite the request of Rodriguez, the meter reader apparently opened the gate and entered the property. Frank Padilla of the Humane Society of San Bernadino Valley told the RedlandsDailyFacts:

“He swung around with the stick and struck (one of the dogs) in the head. The dog instantly went into convulsions.”

Rodriguez told the Press-Enterprise:

'He took a swing and knocked her … out. She was convulsing and bleeding right in front of me.I asked him, ‘What did you do? What did you do?’ He said, ‘I’ve been bitten three times today. It’s not my problem.’ ”

Although Rodriguez and her son took Bean-Bean to the vet immediately, the Yorkie died of blunt force trauma to his head.

The other two Yorkies, Ziggy and Daisy, were not injured.

The San Bernadino Valley Humane Society has opened an investigation into the incident.

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