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Breakfast of champions
Sophea Amshay

This one-minute meal will work if you are heading for the gym, or want to lose weight, or just want a recipe that requires almost zero time.

  • Boil about one inch of water in a six inch diameter pan.
  • While water is coming to boil add a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Turn off heat under boiling water
  • Add enough quick oats to cover most of the bottom of the pan. You will need to experiment to get a feel for the correct amount. You can always add more water or oats
  • Stir the mixture a few times
  • Put one scoop of protein concentrate and some cinnamon in a bowl (any flavor works)
  • Pour the oats into the bowl on top of the protein powder and stir
  • I like it a little bit soupy. You should change the recipe so it is the consistency you like
  • Add sweetener if desired. Consider using Stevia or one of the naturals instead of the artificials like Equal or Splenda.

Fine tuning

The serving size should be what you think you need. It will work for nice, level energy if you are going to workout or just heading to the job, or for a snack, or whatever.

You could substitute any kind of hot cereal if you don't love oatmeal.

You should try it. This really could not be a much better breakfast or pre workout meal that will carry through your training without making you feel stuffed or crashed from too much sugar.

Coconut oil

This fat provides energy. Try it and you will like. It is fantastic for pan or wok frying anything including eggs.

The extra virgin coconut oil tastes mildly like coconut. Read the product descriptions to see if it has a neutral taste if you don't love coconut. I use the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin, 23 fl oz.

Coconut oil is versatile. It can be used like butter. Keep in the refrigerator and you can eat it like candy. Well, I can anyway. You will need to try it and see how you like.

If you order coconut oil or Stevia from I-herb you will get a first-time discount if you use this code WHL627.

And there are freebies and cheap trials at this link.

Cinta anda

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