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Six P8-A squadrons relocate NAS Whidbey

Six P8-A squadrons relocate NAS Whidbey
Six P8-A squadrons relocate NAS Whidbey
Boeing released, Wiki photo

Local residents, including anti-Navy aircraft groups, in and around Oak Harbor, Wash., got news yesterday that Naval Air Station Whidbey Island will be home to six more squadrons of P8-A “Poseidon” aircraft. This will increase the total number P8-A aircraft on the Island to 42.

NAS Whidbey Island has fielded complaints for years about the E-18 G “Growlers” based there. Residents complain not only of noise levels from the jets on training missions but also “jet jockeys” who have disrupted life in general in the scenic community. Homeowners have sustained window damage and property destruction from the military jets that arrived in 2008.

Last week, a long time resident of Oak Harbor reached out to this Examiner:

Don't pick or eat blueberries or pumpkins grown under their landing flight pattern as they dump fuel like crazy!! And those Growlers are flying over areas never a flight pattern before....

As reported just days ago, U.S. currency is being defaced and distributed in the area that protesters have stamped with “NAS Whidbey stop the Growler air war on citizens, move to China Lake, CA’s 1.1 million acres” and another with "NAS Whidbey burns 24 million gallons of toxic jet fuel yearly." These additional squadrons will not be viewed as a benefit for the community.

The Navy’s decision to base the additional squadrons at NAS Whidbey Island comes after a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement released this month.

The Poseidon is a Boeing built aircraft used by the Navy for anti-submarine warfare as well as anti-surface warfare. The airframe closely resembles a commercial aircraft and is used by the Indian Navy as well as the U.S. Navy. Flight patterns for the additional aircraft have not been determined at this time.

Whidbey Islanders making plans are encouraged to open this link for NAS Whidbey Island’s “landing practice” schedule.

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