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Six new clips have been released for “Divergent” movie

Six new clips have been released for the upcoming movie "Divergent"
Six new clips have been released for the upcoming movie "Divergent"

With the release of the movie Divergent next Friday, with an early 8pm showing on Thursday, Summit Entertainment has released clips to help promote the movie. No doubt that these are the clips that we will see when the stars are on the talk shows promoting the movie, but it’s nice to get to see them before they are on.

There have already been three clips released before these six. The first clip premiered three months ago and was Four showing Tris his tattoos. The second clip came about a month ago and showed Tris breaking through her stimulation. The third clip was released at the beginning of the month and showed Eric talking with the initiates.

The first one shows the end of the Knife scene in which Four throws knifes at Tris to test out her bravery. It’s not the entire scene, just the part afterwards where Tris and Four talk and why he had nicked her with the knife.

In the second clip, we see Eric showing his devious side as he punishes Christina for being a coward. He hangs her by her hands from the bridge and tells her that she three options. None of which are appealing.

In the third clip, we get a good look at Kate Winslet as Jeanine. While there hasn’t been much footage shown with her in, it’s nice to see her as the bad guy role. Tris is trying to help Four, but he is already under Jeanine’s control and she tries to tell Tris that Four is beyond help.

In the fourth clip, Tris, Caleb, Peter, and Andrew are in the compound trying to shut down the stimulation. We get to see Andrew put on a brave face and show Tris how to stand up for what’s right. Fans of the book know how tragic this scene is for Tris and how important this will be in the long run.

In the fifth clip, Max explains what is important for Dauntless members, no doubt right after they get to the headquarters and before they start their initiation.

In the sixth clip, Tris is talking with Caleb about what has been going on with her faction and the things she’s been learning about with Divergence. Caleb tells her to go back and that when Tris realizes that he believes in “Faction before blood”.

While it’s great to get a lot of clips, there is also a negative side to it. Showing too many clips might give away too much of the movie. There is a lot of action and drama in the story and by showing the wrong clips or too much of the clips, might take away from the magic of the movie.

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