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Six N.Y. mayoral candidates admit using weed, support marijuana legalization

Six candidates for N.Y. mayor admit to using marijuana
Six candidates for N.Y. mayor admit to using marijuana
Flickr Creative Commons, Torben Bjørn Hansen

According to the New York Daily News on Aug. 15, six New York mayoral candidates have tried marijuana, so they posed the question: What do they think of current marijuana laws?

In light of a proposal put out there by City Comptroller John Liu to legalize marijuana, The New York Observer wanted to know which lawmakers have tried the green substance. Reportedly, Mr. Liu hasn't ever indulged and doesn't plan to if marijuana becomes legal. However, Christine Quinn, city council speaker, has tried weed and also supports medical marijuana. She is joined by fellow Democrats Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson. Though, de Blasio’s spokesperson made the point to mention that de Blasio tried it in college and hasn’t returned to the substance since.

On the Republican side of that coin, Joe Lhota and George McDonald responded that they had dabbled with weed at some point. Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion Jr responded in the affirmative as well. Two candidates responded that they had not tried weed, and Anthony Weiner’s spokeswoman did not respond to the survey, likely not wanting to invite any kind of press at all, let alone press about a hot issue.

At this point, based on this survey, with six candidates saying they’ve tried pot and basically three saying they haven’t, the likelihood is good that New York’s next mayor will have previously smoked weed. It brings us to an interesting time in politics but does the survey really tell us anything?

Obviously, if a candidate feels that voters won’t support them supporting marijuana, they aren’t going to admit to using it. Sensibly, the ones who are willing to admit use have done so to show their support of legalization. There would be no benefit to the candidate admitting use if they were vehemently against any laws involving the drug.

It will be interesting to see how this issue plays out when it comes to election time. How would you feel knowing you mayor has smoked weed? Would that be a deal-breaker for you?