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Six months after earthquake, anger growing over broken promises in Haiti



  • Haitiwatcher 5 years ago

    Did anyone see this statement by the french government? They are promising haiti 17 billion euros over 50 years!!! This is a big deal now for international development, france will lead the way.

  • mike 5 years ago

    Just got done watching CNN report on Tons of beans and lots of cars and heavy equiptment that are tied up in Haiti customs being charged storage fees while the goverment of Haiti obstructs their delivery and use for their own people. I would think that the people of Haiti should be sharp and angered at their own government who it appears to me might be trying to make money from charities thru out the world who have sent aid and are now paying the Haiti government storage fees on it as it sit unused. That is despicable and riduculous.

  • Billy Bob Thorn 5 years ago

    France doesn't lead the world in anything but being obnoxious.

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