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Six month photo ideas and beyond


With some patience and creativity you can make great photos

The cost of raising, clothing, cleaning, feed, etc. your baby seem to pile up faster than your little ones dirty clothes pile (and that's saying something considering all of the peeing, pooping and drooling that happens as your little one grows up).  One of the seemingly "built in" costs associated with your baby's growth are the milestone photo shoots that you have to have.                        

Taking pictures of your baby is one of the best ways to remember your precious little peanut (and one of the ways to remember some of these early events, especially as your peanut contributes to your loss of brain cells), but those milestone photo shoots don't have to contribute to the thinning of your wallet.  Not only can you save money by taking milestone (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) photos yourself, but you can create some lasting memories doing it, because no photo shoot with a 6 month old will go off smoothly.

If you haven't learned it already, the phrase to live by as parents is "Beg, Borrow and Steal."  In this case, if you don't have a camera, or a "good" camera, beg your sister to let you borrow her camera and steal any and all ideas that you can find.  Even if you don't have the greatest camera, with a little effort your photos will turn out fantastic.  Ultimately, your little peanut is the star of the show, so even if you can't utilize the perfect backdrop that a professional could use, you still have the main component to your beautiful milestone photo shoot. 

Even if you don't have all of the fancy equipment of a professional you can take, and create, fantastic photo memories with a few simple tools.  The most important tool that you'll need is a camera.  You don't need a top of the line camera, but digital would be best.  If you don't own one, see above and start the begging and borrowing process.  You'll also need props.  You don't need anything specific, just items that your little angel enjoys.  Take things that are special for the stage that he/she is in right now.  The true articles will make the pictures mean more.  Finally, if you have it, use Photoshop.  This is a great tool, that is used by Professionals, but can just as easily be mastered and utilized by anyone.  Learning some techniques on Photoshop will make your pictures look even more fantastic.


One thing that holds people back from taking their own milestone photos is the lack of ideas.  Here's some help.                                                                                                                        

Favorites:  Whether it be their favorite blanket, toy, etc.  Photos of him/her eating it, playing with it, just looking at it.
Close up:  Photos of baby looking into the distance
Crawling:  Take pictures from all angles
Hands:  Take a picture of the hands of Mom, Dad and Baby.  
Toes:  This is about the last time your child will be able to eat their toes, it's cute and makes a great photo
Sitting:  What a big girl!                                                                                                               Black & White: Utilize either your camera or Photoshop to give your pictures a different look. 
Props:  Utlize a pumpkin around Halloween, a basket near Easter time or a Tutu or a baseball glove to show your and your childs (soon to be) passion.

Take some time to plan, and plan a lot of time to take the pictures and you will have a successful photo shoot.  Remember, the most important part of these milestone photos is your little angel.  As long as she is in the pictures and you have some fun, your photo shoot will be successful.


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