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Six missing dogs presumed dead from heat exhaustion - not stolen

One of the dogs who is presumed to be dead
Family photo

According to Monday's CTV News there has been a shocking, sad twist in the case of the six dogs who allegedly disappeared from a dog walker's truck in Langley, B.C. in Canada less than a week ago.

The dog walker initially claimed that the dogs were stolen from her truck while she stepped away to use the washroom...instead, Petsearchers Canada now claims that the woman has admitted that the dogs all died in the vehicle from heat exhaustion.

Petsearchers Canada wrote about what they were told:

Emma has disclosed that on May 13th, all six dogs were in the back of her vehicle with the side vent windows open and water available, as she had done hundreds of times. Sometime during the outing, all six dogs perished from heatstroke. Upon arriving at the location and Emma seeing her beloved charges deceased, she went into a blind panic at the thought of notifying the families and the possible repercussions. In a complete state of shock and panic, Emma made a desperate attempt to cover up what had happened and concocted a story to explain the loss of the dogs.

After the news was initially published about the reported "theft," many people speculated about how six dogs could simply vanish without a trace.

According to Petsearchers Canada, the dog walker is heading to the Langley RCMP to make a full statement.

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