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Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman coming to DVD

Put on your track suits and warm up your bionics.
Put on your track suits and warm up your bionics.


According to a press release at, Time Life will release a 40 dvd complete set of the classic series Six Million Dollar Man. Starring Lee Majors as astronaut Steve Austin and Richard Anderson as his boss Oscar Goldman, the show was a smash hit that fueled numerous boyhood adventures in the seventies.

The set, to be released online in November, features all five seasons of the show, plus the three pilot movies and three reunion movies. This is all the bionic action you could ever want.

Or is it?

It seems Steve Austin's sometime girlfriend Jaime Summers, the Bionic Woman, will also debut soon on dvd. October 19 sees the release of the first season of Lindsay Wagner's spinoff series.

This marks the first time either series has seen a Region 1 dvd release.

Bionic Woman fans may also enjoy the sporadic release of cd soundtracks from some episodes. The scores by Joe Harnell are wonderful throwbacks to a bygone era of great TV music.

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