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Six matted but healthy dogs abandoned at Chemung County shelter in New York

Staff at the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA in Elmira, New York were met early Thursday morning with six ragtag little dogs left abandoned in an outdoor exercise area of the organization. All of the dogs were grossly matted and ranged from three to six years of age.

Check out some of the "before" and "after" pooches.
Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA
Before and after ... all 6 of the little guys have been groomed and feeling much better.
Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA

According to the organization's Facebook page, five of the dogs were sent off to Tropical Fish Outlet for their complimentary grooming. One of the dogs had his spa makeover at the Corning Animal Hospital, where he had to be sedated, because his coat had been so matted in his rear end, the dog couldn't defecate without extreme pain.

Louise Richardson, communications and marketing manager for the Humane Society and SPCA told the Star Gazette the organization has no idea who may have dropped the dogs off, but stated:

"Oddly enough, just happy, friendly, bouncy little pups. They don't look unhealthy, except for the skin and hair issues. The vet tech really hasn't had time yet to spend a lot of time with them and do health assessments. Once they get back from the groomer, she'll go ahead and do that."

Four of the dogs appear to be poodle blends, one is a Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso, and the last one seems to be a Lhasa Apso. The dogs have to be held for five days pending the return of their owner, but it's doubtful if someone will turn up asking for the dogs.

Check out the happy video as five of the six dogs are groomed and feeling perky.

If anyone has any information about these dogs, please contact the Elmira Animal Control and Shelter. You can also call the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA at 732-1827 or contact the City at 737-5767.

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