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Six Incrediblely Low Priced Laptop Deals This Holiday Week

Great deals on cheap laptops are avaialble this week
Great deals on cheap laptops are avaialble this week
Petr Kratochvil - Public Domain

Extremely low priced laptop deals are available during this holiday week. This week’s sales are increasingly becoming more aggressive with retailers offering untold discounts on computer systems and electronics. This season may well be the time to look into buying that new laptop or computer system. Retailers such as Best Buy, Fry’s, and Staples are offering huge discounts along with computer manufacturers. While some systems are being discounted in store only, many are also available online. More than a few discount offers are being offered currently, before “Black Friday”.

Below are some of the better deals available for customers seeking that extra special deal:

HP Pavilion 15-N020US 15" Touch Screen Laptop - Staples

Enter code during checkout: 64888

Price before rebate: $379.99 (Free shipping online)

After rebate: $329.99 (-50.00)

My take:

This deal is a purely budget system with a medium sized screen. The technical specs are low but the system suffice for those with less demanding tasks such web browsing or light video streaming. The added benefit of a touchscreen makes this deal a bit more tempting than other offers.

Toshiba - Satellite 15.6" Laptop - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive – Best Buy

$229.99 (No rebate or code needed)

My Take:
Perhaps one of the cheapest deals online with an incredibly low price tag. This system is purely a budget system in the technical sense but might be competitive with “Chromebook” laptops. The system may be out of stock online as well as in stores.

Dell Inspiron 15 Haswell i5 1.6GHz 16" Laptop -

Enter code “EHF08ZLDCXJM19”

Price: $450 (Free shipping)

My Take:

This deal is a better offer for a bit more money. The Dell Inspiron 15 has better technical specs than other budget laptops with a larger screen and more memory. Windows 8 64bit is provided with the system as well.

Lenovo IdeaPad U510 - Intel Core i5 6GB RAM 1TB HDD –

Enter code: “EMCWWVP45”

Final price: $450 (Free shipping)

My take:
Lenovo is known for its solid but sometimes underwhelming laptops. This system provides a solid set of technical specs with a large hard drive. The system is very comparable to the Dell Inspiron 15 deal.

ASUS R503U-MH21 AMD E2-Series E2-1800(1.7GHz) Notebook –

Use code: “BFSPECIAL5P2”

Final price: $247 (Free Shipping)

My take:
This system is an extremely budget laptop with limited memory. The price is low for a good reason.

Lenovo Essential B575e Notebook 59360210 - 15.6" Display -

No code needed.

Final price: $299.98 (Free Shipping)

My take:

Here is another extremely low priced budget laptop with very limited technical specs. This laptop might work better for limited tasks including web browsing.

All of these laptop deals are for very basic laptops with low end technical specs. These laptops are generally better suited for lighter tasks such as web browsing, video streaming, or interacting with social networks. The higher priced laptops have more memory and better processors, making them a step better for moderate tasks and even very light gaming. However, don’t expect to create amazing videos (at least not very quickly) or play the latest games on these systems. While these deals offer amazingly low prices, each system should be examined carefully to see if they can perform for your tasks. With realistic expectations, these systems are great deals for those with limited budgets this season.

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