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Six homeschooled North Carolina brothers arrested for molesting their sister

An entire homeschooling family, with the exception of the victim, a girl of approximately sixteen years have been arrested and charged with molestation and child abuse. It is alleged that all six brothers abused the girl from age 4-14, and the parents were aware of the abuse and did nothing. The family fled to Colorado to avoid prosecution, but returned to face their accusers.

While the family were "homeschooled" there is little evidence that any education was actually happening, whether it be academic or moral. However, this story is already causing fear and quaking in the homeschool communities. The fear is (and rightfully so) that this story will be used to attempt to pass more restrictions on homeschooling families, 99% of whom educate their children to excellence. Still this is black eye on self education without regulation, even though stories of lap dancing teachers and all sorts of student abuse in schools barely gets a second glance.

In the meantime, the life of a young lady is ruined. Her parents have failed her. Her brothers have failed her. To add insult to injury, her name is very likely to be used as a pawn against homeschooling, when the real enemy is poor parenting. Relatives, clergy, neighbors, or someone should have notified the Department of Social Services years ago.

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