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Six haunted places in New York

The Big Apple is a place of diverse culture from Broadway to Wall Street. It's also a place that has ghosts, so they say that is. What are those places? Read on to find out.

1. Big Moose Lake

Grace Brown's ghost is said to haunt the area. Chester Gillette was one who murdered her. The true crime story gave author Theodore Dreiser inspiration for his book "An American Tragedy." Many have claimed of seeing her spirit and feeling her presence.

2. Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is a late 18th-century farm manor that is located in Southern Albany. It's haunted by a spirit that many have seen on the property. A very strange place indeed.

3. The New York State Capitol Building

The State Capitol Building in Albany is said to be haunted by a ghost of a watchman and an artist. The artist is of William Morris Hunt.

4. Sailor's Snug Harbor

In Staten Island, Sailor's Snug Harbor is haunted by sailors, a mother after her son murdered her, and a priest is also said to haunted the grounds.

5. Rolling Hills Asylum

The East Bethany located asylum is haunted by a variety of spirits. They are spirits that perished at the asylum. One ghost is said to attack only women that go in the basement.

6. Smith-Ely Mansion

Located in Clyde, the Smith-Ely Mansion is said to be haunted by victims of suicide, and some other state that historical residents. It's now a bed and breakfast.

So those are six places in New York that are haunted by spirits, or what the stories tell us anyway. It also depends on your own beliefs in the afterlife and of ghosts.

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