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Six Christian businessmen jailed due to government corruption, federal judge

Six Christian businessmen jailed due to government corruption, federal judge
(Free the IRP6)

Six U.S. IT professionals, five black and one white, two who are military veterans, developed law enforcement software with their company, IRP Solutions, that would aid local, state, and federal agencies in sharing information after the 9/11/2001 Islamic terrorist attacks.

But that all ended with an FBI raid and jail terms for incurring debt, black conservative radio show host, Wayne Dupree of NewsNinja2012 reported on Friday.

IRP Solutions, an 18 employee black-owned company in Colorado Springs, Colorado were raided by over twenty FBI agents on February 9, 2005. The FBI received a subpoena on the basis that IRP Solutions had “purported” software and were accused of mail and wire fraud.

The FBI also accused the IRP executives of making up stories about the customers they had like the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, NYPD, Colorado Bureau of Investigations, and several others.

A grand jury handed down a 25-count indictment in June 2009, charging the six with fraud in never paying $4 million or more the company owed to about 40 companies that provided temporary labor to IRP.

Dupree said, “The Christian businessmen built a small company that concentrated on developing a software application called CILC, which stands for Case Investigative Life Cycle. This software was developed to aid law enforcement in investigating a case through to prosecution. The necessity of this type of software was overly clear as the government indicated the main reason 9/11 can occur was because of the inability of government agencies to share information.”

“In other words, the FBI alleged that IRP Solutions did not actually have software at all, “said Dupree.

“During the raid at IRP Solutions the FBI attempted to herd all the employees into one room, while they went about imaging all the company’s computers. The subpoena indicated that they were there for financial records, but oddly enough they left the financial records in the middle of the floor and opted to spend a day’s worth of time seeing what information they could retrieve from IRP Solution’s intellectual property,” Dupree said.

Dupree added, “Coincidentally, the raid of IRP Solutions occurred a few days after the FBI had to explain at Congressional hearings why they wasted $400 million of the taxpayer’s money developing law enforcement software that did not work. The FBI was embarrassed in front of the world as being incompetent and wasteful.”

On Tuesday, an advocacy group, “A Just Cause”, continued its investigation of the wrongful prosecution and conviction of the six executives of the IRP Solutions Corporation.

“We have found that the software developed by IRP Solutions (Case Investigative Life Cycle – CILC) meets or exceeds many of the requirements called out by the 9/11 Commission, as well as what is suggested as best practices by the National Institute of Justice”, says Sam Thurman, A Just Cause executive. “In fact, the CILC software made such a splash in the market that it was referenced in the 8th Edition of “Criminal Investigation”, a textbook written by Wayne Bennett and Karen Hess.”

“A Just Cause is troubled by the outcome of the IRP 6 case”, says Thurman. “That's why we continue to push for them during this appeals process. Evidence of the validity of the CILC software, as well as other key testimony was not allowed during the trial, which we are convinced had it been allowed the IRP 6 would have proven their innocence and won their case.”

“This instance of wrongful prosecution didn't just damage individuals, families and businesses, it assured that, after more than a decade of effort and the fruitless expenditure of more than a billion tax dollars, the security issues that left America vulnerable on 9-11, would remain unresolved. Six men who developed software to help resolve some of law enforcement's issues are now behind bars,” Thurman said.

“Their case is currently under appeal, but that doesn't alter the fact that these men developed software for which Homeland Security was willing to set up a $12 million pilot project. The incarceration of these good men doesn't alter the fact that the Department of Homeland Security employee Bill Witherspoon asked the company to submit cost estimates for them to provide a nearly $100 million module to the Department of Homeland Security.”

“These men were never involved in criminal activity. They didn't have criminal records. They were not street thugs, hustlers or drug dealers. So why were they accused, tried, convicted and sentenced for something that happens in American business every day: incurring debt?” said Thurman.

“FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors never saw this as a civil matter, a case of well-intentioned businessmen incurring business debt.”

Interestingly enough, the company’s software premiered in the Police Technology magazine in February 2004 and in other publications, contrary to the government and FBI allegations that the software didn’t exist.

Wayne Dupree contacted Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton about the case and said they declined to act and also stated that a website, Free the IRP6 was launched with more information.

Dupree will be hosting, “The Truth about the jailed Christian businessmen” on Monday, September 9, 2013 at 8 pm MDT on The Wayne Dupree Show.

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