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"Six + Books to Help You Love More" (Blog 3 of 3)

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Okay, here is the last one of a three part series featuring six books each of an ongoing 22 book legacy of books that inspire people to love more. There are actually 7 books I've completed but one is out of print.

See books #1-#6 here: and

Books #7-#12 here:

What follows are Books #13-#20:


Book #13 – The Mars Women in Relationship Workbook


This workbook was designed for the successful career woman who wants a balanced romantic relationship that supports her dreams too. It is full of assessment and journaling questions to help the Mars woman reflect on her overall work-life balance, her relationship vision, her dating action plan or her existing relationship balance. It even includes a chore list, a Resource List and a couple’s vision document so that couples can break down the action steps they need to take to create a mutually supportive balanced relationship at work and at home.

I believe that this shift in balanced romantic relationships is the third wave of Feminism and it’s also ultimately the next important shift for humanity. Both men and women can benefit from integrating their archetypally feminine and masculine energies and roles. Men will become more comfortable and fluent in their relationships with their children and with domestic roles and women will continue to grow and leave their mark in the outer world, in their careers. Our children will learn that work and home spheres are not tied to gender roles and they too will grow up whole and will engage in more balanced and loving romantic partnerships themselves.

This workbook has 20 exercises and 3 main sections: An overall Life assessment, a Dating Assessment for single Mars women and a Long Term-Relationship/Marriage section for Mars women in relationships who are looking to create a new balance. No matter what your life stage this book should help you to create more inner and outer balance so that you have work and life success.

This workbook will take you on a personal journey to discover who you are and what you most want in your relationship. This manual will help you and your partner assess where you currently are and how to co-create the best balance for you both going forward.

My Best in Love,


In paperback:

Product Details
• Paperback: 80 pages
• Publisher: Parachute Jump Publishing (May 30, 2013)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0988890550
• ISBN-13: 978-0988890558


Book #14- How to Use Your iPad as Your Life Coach


I’m a life coach and psychologist, so much of my day is spent helping people achieve their goals and dreams. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that an iPad could help with that. It had apps or tools that could easily structure people’s goals, but I hadn’t seen anyone use it that way. The iPad is a great “command central” from which a person can design a comprehensive plan for dieting, dating, and even financial success in many life areas. You can take your iPad most places, so it helps you to stay on task no matter how busy your lifestyle.

What follows are apps in 30 life areas to address your life goals and to take action to achieve them.

In paperback:

Product Details
• Paperback: 80 pages
• Publisher: Parachute Jump Publishing (May 30, 2013)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0988890550
• ISBN-13: 978-0988890558

Book #15 – We Are From One Planet


“We Are From One Planet” is a feminist, humanist children’s book that lets kids know that boys and girls and men and women are from one planet. It describes how mommies and daddies can both work and take care of their kids and share chores. Daddies can be teachers and nurses and mommies can be doctors and engineers. Kids can do and be anything, regardless of their gender. It reminds them that men and women must work in partnership at home and at work, in order for our planet thrive! It's part of the ‘When Mars Women date’ book series.


In paperback:

Product Details
• Paperback: 26 pages
• Publisher: Parachute Jump Publishing (September 12, 2013)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0988890526
• ISBN-13: 978-0988890527


Book #16- The Lovely Misery of Dating:
(Chick Lit/Fiction)
Out of print.


Tatiana is a newly-minted therapist who’s looking to create her own practice, find a husband and start a family. And for the 33-year-old PhD, the best way to get what she wants is to create a plan – and stick to it. After a tough breakup with her first real love, Tatiana decides to date at least three men and to follow her newly concocted “10 Dating Commandments” to remain on track on the bumpy road to finding love and meeting her future husband. But will her grand plan lead her to what she wants out of life? Or will it leave her with a broken heart?

* This book is currently out of print since I don't usually write chick/lit or fiction but it went straight into the hope chests for my kids:)

Book #17- How To Create A Fantastic Fairy Tea Party
(With Hardly Any Cooking)


Have you ever wanted to create a Fairy Tea Party and add some magic to your life?
This book is a step by step guide that teaches you how to conceive and execute this event, including:

• Fairy Decor
• Fairy Food
• Fairy Trivia
• Fairy Music
• Fairy Activities

You will create the party of your dreams with very little cooking and a lot of imagination. Enjoy! Your guests will have the time of their lives too!

In Paperback:

Product Details
• Paperback: 26 pages
• Publisher: Parachute Jump Publishing (January 1, 2014)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0985246987
• ISBN-13: 978-0985246983


Book #18- My Bubby’s Journey Through the Holocaust!


Riva Nussenbaum was born in Khotin, Basserabia on November 9th, 1910. She had two sisters, two brothers and two parents and was the youngest child.

Her two brothers and sisters left for America when anti-semitism had begun to increase but Riva was only nine so she remained to take care of her mother, who was sick.

She married Avraham Wolkove when she was 28 years old and they celebrated the arrival of their first child a year later. She made a hope chest her new daughter. Little did she know, their future was not something she could plan or prepare for.

When Riva’s daughter turned one, the Iron guard descended on their little town without warning and told the townspeople to pack up their bags. They were all sent to a work camp, ‘ to help the government.’ The soldiers offered to put my mother (who was then only one year old) onto a carriage for the children but she walked with my Bubby instead.

It was 300 miles to a town called Murapha, 60 kilometers before Kiev. The work camp was called Transnistria. At night they slept on the fields and ate raw potatoes and carrots. Every day 3-5 people died from hunger. This difficult journey took them 6 months to complete.

At Murapha, they lived in an abandoned house with seventeen people. There was nothing to eat and every day the men were taken to work. The men worked on the fields and in return they were given some pea soup which they split three ways. Some days they lived only on water. They did not take a bath for three years and had head lice. They had to wash their clothes without soap and my Bubby loved to be clean, so this was hard for her. She imagined what it would be like to come home to a normal bed and home.

Find out how she survived this and more and lived on until 99 years old…and share in the wisdom and grace that she can offer us, today.

***"My Bubby's Journey Through the Holocaust" just won an Honorable Mention award in the Biography/Autobiography category of the Great Northwest Book Festival 2014

Riva Wolkove’s Interviews:

Below is the link to some clips of my Bubby at 86 years old telling her story. She died at 99, but this was the one time that she spoke of her experience on video. Hopefully it adds an element to the book to bring her Spirit and personality to life!


In Paperback:


Book #19- To Be Noble


Noble is a 5-year old boy who wants to find out about his name. At night, his guardian angel Lucy takes him on an astral journey to consult the ascended Masters and sages about what it means to be noble.

This is a fun, informative, value-driven book that helps children to recognize their ability to do the right thing, be their own person, have compassion for others, and to follow their heart.

The author of this book wrote it her son Noble and his dad illustrated it. Their hope is that all children will enjoy this book but it may also be an extra special gift for the other 24,976 Nobles out there (this number is increasing by 206 Noble’s each year)!

About the Author

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a wife, mother of two, a psychologist, coach, author, speaker and teacher. She loves the beach, singing, writing, spirituality and learning. She has written 20 books including children’s books, fiction and nonfiction books for adults.

About the Illustrator

Ian Christian Sherman is Noble and Sera’s father and Paulette’s husband. He’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a lover of music, a guitarist, song writer and poet. It was recently discovered that he was also a closet artist, when he started to advise Paulette about creating this book for their son. He did a great job with the pictures, as well as helping to develop the story.

***"To Be Noble" just won an Honorable Mention award in the Children’s Books category of the Great Southwest Book Festival 2014.

About the Subject:

Noble Caden Sherman is a terrific son and brother. His nicknames are Nobes, Nobey Wan, Nobey, Nobey Wan Canobey and Nobaliscious. He loves to draw, listen to music, dance, write, read, go exciting places for kids, play on his father’s iPad, tell jokes and torment his little sister (well, no one’s perfect!)


Book #20- The Bath Date: 12 Baths to Revitalize Your Love Life (Whether You're Single, in a Relationship or Married!)

The Bath Date: 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Love Life is an original way for women who are dating, in a relationship or married to improve their love life. It prescribes twelve ritual baths that include a process of intention, ritual, meditation, prayer, essential oil therapy and gemstones to help the reader manifest her heart’s desire in a relationship.

In our busy lives, full of responsibility, we all need sacred time and space to reconnect with love our intuition and vision. As a long-time psychologist and dating coach I know what issues arise while dating, in a long-term relationship and in marriage. Often these challenges feel overwhelming and intractable. Baths for the single dater address dating anxiety, self-worth, past relationship baggage and detoxing from bad dates.

Baths for those in a relationship help to clear your mind of negative thoughts, open your heart to love, release anger at your partner and learn to trust more. Baths for married folk include bath rituals to increase passion, calm your joint nerves, to communicate more and even a ritual to renew your marriage vows.

This book suggests bath rituals for you to do alone to improve your love life and also baths that couples can do together. These bath rituals help couples foster positivity, transparency and spiritual and emotional growth in their relationship on a regular basis.

For a preview of The Bath Date: 12 Baths to Revitalize Your Love Life, visit

The Bath Date: 12 Baths to Revitalize Your Love Life is available as in paperback format
(ISBN: 978-0991540501, $14.24, 96 pp). For more information, visit Amazon and buy it at:

If you read any of these 20 books and learned something, please write a review on Amazon.

Stay in Love,




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