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Six Best Moments from the Great Urban Race Austin

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Great Urban Race Austin
Great Urban Race Austin
Christopher Sebilia

The Great Urban Race wrapped up another amazing event in Austin, Texas, on Feb. 8; and between the running, hot sauce and the BACARDĺ OakHeart® after-party, this is a year to remember. Coming off several days of sub-freezing temperatures, it wasn’t looking good for downtown Austin’s premier scavenger hunt and challenge race, but the weather turned out to be beautiful. First place this year went to team Vignette KD, the reigning North American champions. When asked about their secret to winning, they said, “you have to take the race way too seriously.” Words to live by—in racing and life.

Great Urban Race Austin
Christopher Sebilia

There were amazing moments throughout the day, but here are the six best:

Saving Lives

The Great Urban Race course was amazing no matter what, but add in the fact the proceeds benefitted pediatric treatment and research for St. Jude…and it’s icing on the cake. It’s the type of icing that overshadows the cake and gives purpose to your Saturday afternoon and makes you run a little harder. This feel-good component easily takes the cake (last cake idiom, promise) as one of the six best moments of the race.

Watching Other Teams Make Wrong Turns

It would be great to see all the teams succeeding, but the satisfaction of watching another team jog off course is a great substitute. Could you have helped? Maybe. Will toast to their wrong turns at the after-party? Definitely. Does not helping, and then rubbing it in give you a sick-sort-of-pride, that-feels-wrong-and-right-at-the-same-time? Absolutely.

Destroying a Challenge

You can’t obliterate every challenge, but in every race there are one or two moments where everything just falls into place. You and your partner look like pistons—you’re so in sync. You’re anticipating the next command (even when you’re blindfolded like the shenanigans during the OakHeart® Challenge. Or somehow know hot sauce trivia like it’s your job. Either way, that challenge you destroyed is going to stick with you.

Intense (Costume) Competition

Running around town, catching buses, solving riddles and shooting marshmallows at your friend’s faces was intense, but nothing could top the costume contests. There were costumes from Rosie the Riveter to Breaking Bad, and every 1970s cartoon about a of gang mystery solvers in between. It’s no small coincidence that teams with the best costumes were also the teams that qualified for the championships.

Seeing The BIG Checks

So no one beat the reigning North American champions—big deal. How often do you compete in an event where the winner gets a BIG check? Of course, as we all know, BIG checks require equally large checkbooks, and much larger ATMs. So once you consider how much of a hassle all that nonsense would be, not taking home a BIG check seems like the way to go.


All the other best moments aside, few things really compare to the satisfaction of crossing that finish line. Talking about your best and worst challenges while sipping tasty, free BACARDĺ OakHeart® cocktails, really makes the whole day seem worth it. Now, anyone who completed the 7 million+ Scoville hot sauce challenge won’t be able to taste anything for a week, but it is treacherous being a competitor. Great racing everyone. See you next year.



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