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Six benefits of a Google Plus Community

Have you joined or created any Google Plus Communities? If you have not, chances are you do no fully understand the benefits of social networking with G+ Communities. Some of them are listed below:

Google Plus Communities: Talk about the stuff you’re into with people who love it too
Screenshot by Robin Foster
  1. G+ Communities can be set as private for certain people that you want to bring into the conversation. Your posts will not display openly, and if you create a private group, you cannot change the status later to public. Decide ahead of time which people in your network to initially invite to help you get the community started.
  2. Add categories based on the topics you will discuss when you create your community. These appear on the left side of the community page. Each post can be placed in the topic you choose. This makes it easier for members to find the discussions that interest them the most.
  3. You can change the status of members of your community to moderators. They can help you respond to posts and keep the conversation going.
  4. Spend much of your time listening to the conversations as people engege. You may learn ways things that may help you provide a better product or service.
  5. Your posts in the G+ Community will not show up in the feeds of those who follow your personal profile unless they are members of the community. That means you can keep these conversations separate. You community posts will be visible to anyone who visits your profile unless you have changed your settings so they do not appear.
  6. Google Pages and profiles are the place for you to share with the people who friend or follow, but Google Plus Communities provide a place for those who follow you to communicate with each other. Be sure you create your Google Plus Community using the matching profile or page.

See Managing a Google Plus Community and Browse Communities. Be sure to get the next update!

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