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Situation Awesome, Red Fang at Slim's in San Francisco, May 16th 2014

Red Fang at Slim's in San Francisco
Red Fang at Slim's in San Francisco
Miikka Skaffari

Red Fang started their three week ‘Situation Awesome’ US tour at Slim’s in San Francisco. The tour stops in 19 venues across the countly. Big Business and American Sharks tour with Red Fang as warm up acts.

Tour poster for Red Fang, Situation Awesome tour
Red Fang

American Sharks were the first band to hit the stage at Slim’s. The guys “so what, I don’t care” attitude is awesome on stage and bassist/vocalist Mike Hardi made the audience laugh between the songs with his nonsensical jokes. Drummer Nick Cornetti is always fun to watch and definitely gives his all on every song. He steps up from behind his drum kit between each song to catch his breath and guitarist Will Ellis seems to squeeze the riffs from his axe. The band doesn’t really look like a cohesive unit, but the playing is tight and always very entertaining.

Big Business was a new band for me and I somehow didn’t really get into the music. The half Melvins with Scott Martin trio is definitely loud and aggressive, but didn’t gel up on stage and the songs didn’t hook me in. The band had been to San Francisco earlier with The Sword so part of the audience already knew what to expect and were seemingly appreciative of the delivery.

The big name on the bill was definitely Red Fang. I have seen the band few times before and their performance just get’s better. There wasn’t anything new to the delivery, but the new material from 'Whales and Leeches' worked really well performed live. The longish set was exactly what the audience was looking for and when Red Fang got to their older material towards the end of set the crowds went nuts with singing along and crowdsurfing towards the stage. The setup was super intimate without a barrier so the band was really at the mercy of the crowd.

This was the first stop of the tour and Red Fang had just a month or so since they came back from Europe. Every band and the crew were still settling in and the setup could have been smoother and there was seemingly long pauses between songs for each band. I’m sure the whole set will only get tighter as the tour goes on.

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