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Sitting on a gold mine

Chase Elliott showing his worth
Chase Elliott showing his worth
Photo by Todd Warshaw

When the season started, everyone was looking at Kyle Larson as the next big thing in NASCAR. This young man has shown himself to be worth his weight in gold (only problem with this is that he probably weighs less than 100 lbs.) He has been making his name in both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series.

The surprise of the season so far has come from another young driver, one that there was not a great deal of pre-season hype about. Even now, after two wins and a second place finish in the last three races, and taking over the points lead, you may only know him as the son of Bill Elliott. You should take time to get to know him.

Chase Elliott is not just worth his weight in gold. It appears that he may be a well producing gold mine. A long term return on what may have started as a short-term investment. JR Motorsports had tried for the past several years to field a top Nationwide team. They had a great shot during the time that Brad Keselowski was driving the #88. Unfortunately, when you discover a talented new driver, you can bet that the offers come and the driver goes.

If I could give Kelley and Dale Jr. some financial advise (just kidding, of course), I would tell them to spend whatever it takes to hold on to Chase Elliott. If after one season in Nationwide, he appears ready to move up into the Sprint Cup series, build him a car. Do not let him get away.

Chase Elliott has the laid back temperment of his dad, Bill. He also seems to have the maturity that Brad Keselowski did not have when he first came to JR Motorsports. Knowing Dale Earnhardt Jr, I suspect he and Chase spend lots of time together. They are both devoted to the sport in ways that go deeper than just driving the car.

It would be a treat to sit and listen to the two of them discuss the cars, the tracks, the history and the battles that their dads had when both were at the top of their game. Jr., buddy, hold on to this one, pay him whatever it takes, give him whatever he wants and get him to sign for life. There are very few sure things in this world but this young driver may well be worth going all in.

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