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‘Sister Wives’ stars on Las Vegas strip? Kody Brown spotted in Monte Carlo

The fans of TLC’s show “Sister Wives” are hearing that the reality stars were on the Las Vegas strip this week walking around. While some viewers might be upset hearing the news, it is safe to assume the stars had a good reason. According to the Las Vegas Informer on Sunday, Kody Brown, his wife Christine and their daughter Aspyn were celebrating a birthday.

Apparently Aspyn was interested in seeing the Blue Man Group inside Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and the only way to get to the show was to be on The Strip. Looking happy and sharing a moment with the family, the special performance was highlighted with a chance to go backstage and meet some of the performers. After the show the celebrities even stopped and met some of their fans and honored requests for tickets.

Currently the “Sister Wives” show isn’t on the air, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from thinking about the show. Many people would be interested in seeing the street the Brown family lives on (and is shown on the television show) or find out more information on where they sell the jewelry when going to different craft festivals.

It appears that the cast of the “Sister Wives” is settling down nicely in Las Vegas. And even make time for a performance or two on special occasions.

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