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'Sister Wives' spoilers: Season five preview shares dating drama

'Sister Wives'
'Sister Wives'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It is time for the return of "Sister Wives" to TLC. On Friday, TV By The Numbers shared a big preview for this upcoming season and it offers some spoilers. This season will premiere on June 8 on TLC on Sunday night. It will air new episodes weekly along with new episodes of "Return to Amish."

In this clip, Kody Brown is on the couch as a man named John comes in to talk to them. He is with wife Christine during this clip. This is the new guy that is dating their daughter Mykelti Brown. They have only been dating for a month and Christine thinks they are spending way too much time together. They meet in the library to talk about it all.

Kody is concerned about them spending so much time together. He said he knows how the heart works and he is trying to prevent the danger zones. He doesn't want Mykelti to get too physical and end up with a broken heart. He wants them to have a friendship and it to not go too far. Kody says that science back him up and he doesn't want chemical reactions happening. This dad is trying to do everything he can to keep them from kissing each other.

Zap 2 It shared another preview for this upcoming season. Meri is very nervous about talking to Kody about something. She has made the decision to go back to school and wants to share the news with him. She is really nervous about talking to him about this all but he seems to take it all just fine.

This season will catch fans up on what is going on and some of the kids are gone to college. Things are changing as the kids grow up and things are different for them all. Be prepared for a great season of "Sister Wives."