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'Sister Wives' spoilers for episode 4x16: Truely is ill in 'Browns in Crisis'

Kody Brown and his wives worry over Truely on 'Sister Wives'
Kody Brown and his wives worry over Truely on 'Sister Wives'
Photo credit: TLC

Sunday night a new episode of “Sister Wives” airs, and previews have fans a bit worried over this one. Christine and Kody's daughter Truely is sick, and the family pulls together to take care of her. On Jan. 24 the show's Facebook page shared a few teasers about what to expect.

The show's Facebook page shares a picture of Christine and Truely, and writes, “The best thing about 'Sister Wives' is watching the bond they have with one another.” They add that during this episode, when Truely ends up in the hospital, “you will no doubt feel the deep connection of the family.”

The “Sister Wives” spoiler preview from TLC shows Christine talking about how she came home from San Francisco to see Truely acting quite lethargic. Once she saw the little girl's eyes cross, she knew it was time to go see the doctor. After meeting with the pediatrician, the doctor indicates he is worried about the possibility of either meningitis or kidney failure, and he sends them to the emergency room.

The preview also shows some of the rest of the family getting the news that Christine and Truely were heading to the ER, and the worry they feel is clear on their faces. Just what ends up being wrong with little Truely? Fans will need to tune in to see exactly how it all plays out, but it seems ultimately she is fine.

Luckily since the incident filmed there have been signs the little girl is okay. Not long ago Aspyn posted a photo showing a seemingly happy and healthy Truely on Instagram, so that should allow “Sister Wives” fans to breathe a sigh of relief. However, it's clearly a stressful incident for the family, and fans have been worried as well.

Tune in to the season 4, episode 16 show of “Sister Wives” titled “Browns in Crisis” airing Sunday, Jan. 26 on TLC.

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