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'Sister Wives' spoilers for episode 4x15: Kody watches the kids, the ladies play

A new episode of 'Sister Wives' airs Sunday night
A new episode of 'Sister Wives' airs Sunday night
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A new “Sister Wives” episode airs Sunday night, and fans are anxious for some spoilers. The ladies are hitting the road, and it looks like it will be quite the adventure. The show's Facebook page teased a bit about what to expect on Jan. 19, and fans won't want to miss this one.

The ladies of “Sister Wives” are headed to San Francisco for some shopping and bonding. The official synopsis at TV Guide shares that the women will be looking for dresses to wear at their commitment celebration as they work on their relationships with one another. As the women hit San Francisco, Kody Brown will try to keep things running smoothly with all of the kids at home.

It sounds like “While the Wives Are Away...” will be an adventure for both sides of the family during this trip. Will the ladies all get along and accomplish their goals? Will Kody keep things under control with the kids at home while his wives are gone?

“While the Wives Are Away...” airs Sunday, Jan. 19 on TLC. Episode 4x15 of “Sister Wives” sounds like it may well be one of the most entertaining yet and fans won't want to miss a moment.