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'Sister Wives' season 5 finale: Was this show renewed or canceled?

'Sister Wives'
'Sister Wives'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight it is time for the big "Sister Wives" season five finale. On Sunday, Hollywood Life shared some about the big finale of this show and what fans can expect. The fact that it is coming to an end has everyone wondering if season five will be the last. TLC is one of those channels that has a habit of not telling fans if their show is coming back or not.

At this time, there is no news about if this show will be back again or not. In the preview for tonight, Robyn calls polygamy like monogamy on steroids. Meri explains that you have the same issues, but there are more people involved. They have four separate marriages to deal with and that makes it a bit harder sometimes.

This episode looks really good. They will talk about the choice they made to be in a plural marriage. Enstarz shared a bit more about this show and what will air tonight. They will show pictures and videos of the family showing how well they get along. This will let fans in on a lot about the family and how things are for them.

This show is a huge hit and not the only show about polygamists on TLC, but it seems to have the biggest fan base. The other show "My Five Wives" did well and it is even coming back for another season. Hopefully the Brown family will continue to share what is going on with their family because everyone fell in love with them and wants to see more.

"Sister Wives" airs on TLC. There might be a sixth season of the show and it could return. At this time, they could announce that it was renewed or canceled. Hopefully this news comes out soon and fans can be happy to hear it. Last season they didn't announce it until it was already filmed and ready to go.