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'Sister Wives' polygamy: 'Sister Wives' cast humbled by polygamy ruling in Utah

The stars of "Sister Wives" reacted to a polygamy ruling in Utah, saying that they felt humbled by the judge's decision to strike down key parts of the state's polygamy laws according to Yahoo! Finance. On Jan. 13 it was reported that Kody Brown and his four wives feel a sense of ease knowing that they and other polygamous families can live their lives as they see fit -- that is, if they ever wanted to move back to Utah.

"Kody Brown and his four wives said they felt humbled and cried when they heard in mid-December the judge ruled in their favor in a lawsuit they brought against Utah in July 2011 after they fled the state for Las Vegas under the threat of prosecution," Yahoo! Finance reports.

The "Sister Wives'" polygamy stance wouldn't have changed based on the judge's ruling but they are all happy to know that they can live in harmony and not worry about being prosecuted for their religious beliefs. While the family no longer lives in Utah, they are happy that the laws have changed so that other families can live as they choose without feeling like they are going to get in trouble.

"Though we support the choices of other people organizing their families however they choose, our argument has always been very different. What we've been looking for is simply to live free and to be able to live our religion without the threat of prosecution," said Brown.

The "Sister Wives" polygamous lifestyle is filmed for their reality show on TLC.

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