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'Sister Wives' news: Information comes out about how Brown family pays the bills

'Sister Wives'
'Sister Wives'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fans of "Sister Wives" have already wondered about how they make a living. They have been open about needing new ideas and Meri Brown even lost her job over going public. Now on Sunday, Bustle is sharing a bit more information about how this family makes a living. Their income from doing the show is obviously not the only income that they have going on.

This family had to file for bankruptcy before the show ever started. They are bringing in some money with the show. The guess is that they get about $50,000 per episode. That is not very much considering they only get about 10 episodes per season. That would be a lot of money for a small family but for a family this big there is no reason that they could live on that amount.

Everyone knows that they have their business My SisterWife's Closet. It does okay for them but they are still in the early stages. On a recent episode, they admitted that they are looking for investors to move this business to the next level.

Another new report from Bustle shares that they are now selling some weight loss supplements. You can find the link to it from their My SisterWife's Closet website and it shares that they are selling green drinks which are a type of nutritional beverage. You can easily assume that they are getting a percentage of this but it isn't enough to live on.

Janelle actually did start doing real estate. She is one of the wives who loves to go to work. Meri Brown is headed back to school. It is unknown if this will cost money or if they will get lucky enough to get financial aid. It sounds like the Brown family of "Sister Wives" might need to work on finding some real jobs or getting their business venture going a bit better.