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'Sister Wives' Kody Brown: Is he really that bad a husband to his four wives?

Kody Brown surrounded by his four wives.
Kody Brown surrounded by his four wives.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kody Brown gets a lot of flak from fans about the way he acts at times. But, really, is he that bad? For a man with four wives, the “Sister Wives” husband seems to do a pretty good job. Like all of us, he can get short-tempered and seem annoying at times. But, other times, he really does show how much he cares about these women.

We have to remember, these women chose this life, and chose to share Kody Brown as a husband. This is a very specific mindset, one where the husband is very much the head of the family. There is nothing wrong with the man leading the family, assuming there is no abuse involved, but a lot of people in this "modern" society of today do question this choice. But, in the case of the Browns, that is the key: It is a choice.

Kody seems to do what he can to keep each wife happy and feeling wanted, needed, special and loved. He is practical about a lot of things; he has to be. But, he also does little things just to keep his wives happy. For example, fans all know how particular Kody is about his hair. Whether you like his hair or not, he has a particular way he likes to wear it, and that’s it. But, on last night's Season Premiere of SISTER WIVES, Kody wore his hair straightened, “Keith Urban style,” because that is the way Meri likes it and they were going out for her birthday. And, a few days later, on his and Janelle’s wedding anniversary, he pulled it back into a ponytail because, for whatever reason, Janelle has a particular affection for Kody's hair like that. Both styles were awful--truly, they were--but for his wives, he wore his hair the way they like it because it was their special night out on the town. It may not seem like a big thing, but little things like that do add up to something.

Sure, there are times when Kody seems domineering. But, that is the dynamic of this particular family: The husband is the head of the family, its guide, its center. This can seem “old-fashioned” and somehow negative for some people. But, if this is one’s choice, one’s belief, then why not let a person make that choice and live it?

Of course, this is separate from the polygamy question that arises over and over with each new season of “Sister Wives”. Is it right? Is it wrong? When it is forced, it is definitely wrong. But what if, as in the Browns’ case, it is freely chosen? That is a discussion viewers will no doubt be having as long as the Browns are on TV and beyond. In the meantime, the Browns have an all-new season for fans to enjoy and new questions to answer. Can Meri make it as a student at UNLV? Can Robyn get My Sisterwife’s Closet going in the right direction, finally? Will Janelle’s quest for good health and a slimmer figure continue? These and many more questions will no doubt be addressed--and maybe or maybe not answered--in the coming season of “Sister Wives”.

“Sister Wives” airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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