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‘Sister Wives’ jewelry looks for investors; Kody Brown claims he is powerless

Kody Brown and all his wives look for investors
Kody Brown and all his wives look for investors
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fans of the “Sister Wives” show on TLC might be scratching their heads on Sunday night when they watch the latest episode of the popular show. The “Sister Wives” jewelry company is heading to find investors to expand the business, but before they do there needs to be a CEO named for the investors to contact. According to Monster and Critics on Sunday, Kody Brown is the man who everyone wants to take the job, but it appears he feels “stymied.”

The episode is appropriately named “Polygamists in a Shark Tank” and reflects the other investor reality show, "Shark Tank." It also reveals how that the reality stars still haven’t gotten past being polygamists, even when it comes to business. While pitching a company might sound easy, it’s apparent that there needs to be a little polish for this business plan to actually work out and find an investor.

While the family copes with the future of the business, the idea that Kody Brown becomes the CEO has him lashing out about decision. Feeling like he has only made a few decisions for the family himself, he claims the decisions of the family are made solely by majority. It’s a frustrating point for the reality star and it will take the viewers of the show by surprise. How can the man who has so many wives claim to have no power in the household?

According to Bustle on Sunday, fans who want to find out more about the Brown’s jewelry can go to their website and buy individual pieces online. With unique looks, the jewelry definitely is striking and can offer up a great gift for fans who love the styles (and viewers who love the show.)

As for Kody’s complain that he doesn't make any decisions in the household, the fans get to sit in on this therapy session and listen. It makes people realize that polygamists have problems too. And hopefully this issue can be worked out!