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'Sister Wives' is officially coming back in June of 2014

"Sister Wives"
"Sister Wives"
Photo by Ethan Miller

Fans of "Sister Wives" on TLC will be exited to know that this show is officially coming back for another season in June of 2014. On Sunday night, viewers were watching "My Five Wives" and got a sneak peek of the new season. It said that it will air starting on June 8, 2014.

In this preview, Kody and Christine Brown are dealing with one of their daughter's dating. MyKelti is dating a guy named John. He shows up to talk to them and they have been dating for just one month. They decided to have a big talk with them about how much time they are spending with each other.

Kody tells them that he knows how the heart works at their age. He wants to prevent the danger zones such as kissing and holding hands leading to broken hearts. He knows that getting too physical can cause problems in the future. It is obvious that Kody cares about his daughter a lot.

At this time the show has not said anything on Facebook yet about the return. This small preview that they got tonight was the first thing that viewers have seen about the show coming back again. It is going to be a great season as the Brown family continues their lives in Las Vegas.

Kody Brown still hasn't talked about the new season. He is on Twitter though and retweeting when fans talk about how excited they are to see it. A lot of fans were happy to see this preview and watch Kody talking to his daughter.

"Sister Wives" will start airing on June 8 on TLC. This means that it will be on Sunday nights again this season. Fans are happy to hear that it will be back again. It is still unknown how many episodes this season will be.

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